Another appalling example of jobs for Labor mates

17 May 2016 12:00 AMJohn-Paul Langbroek

The LNP Opposition said today’s appointment of former Labor Premier Peter Beattie to a plum Commonwealth Games role is another appalling example of Labor rewarding its mates rather than looking after the interests of everyday Queenslanders.


Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said Mr Beattie’s appointment as chair of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) is not only insulting to existing chair Nigel Chamier but shows just how low Labor will stoop to payback its mates.


“This Labor Government is taking jobs for the boys to a whole new level,” Mr Nicholls said.


“Today we’ve seen a former Premier whose crowning achievement for Queensland was a recycled water white elephant, handed a key role in the lead up the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


“Let’s not forget that Labor’s sorry record of installing mates to plum gigs began soon after they were elected to serve all Queenslanders.”


Mr Nicholls said questionable Labor appointments so far include:


  • Steve Bredhauer, former Labor transport minister, as chair of Trade and Investment Queensland 

  • John Battams, former Queensland Council of Unions president, now State Labor president, to the board of Queensland Investment Corporation 

  • Terry Mackenroth, former Queensland Labor Deputy Premier and Treasurer, to the board of QSuper

  • Jim Soorley, former Labor lord mayor, to chairman of CS Energy

  • Louisa Pink, former Labor candidate to the Magistrates Court

  • Samantha Pidgeon, former Queensland Teachers Union vice-president, to the board of Seqwater

  • Jacqueline King, former senior staffer to former Labor minister Gordon Nuttall, to board of Stanwell.


    “It’s already crystal clear to Queenslanders that unions are running this government, but now we’ve got a union of former ministers and MPs being looked after,” Mr Nicholls said.


    “Which former Labor politician or fat-cat union boss will be next to be richly rewarded by Premier Palaszczuk with a taxpayer-funded gig?”


    Shadow Commonwealth Games Minister John-Paul Langbroek said this wasn’t the first time Labor’s handling of the Games had caused controversy.


    “First of all they dumped responsibility for the Commonwealth Games in one of their failed mega portfolios, and then we saw a flawed tender process with the opening and closing ceremonies,” Mr Langbroek said.


    “Now Annastacia Palaszczuk has stacked the board with none other than her old boss and Premier-come-media-commentator Peter Beattie.


    “The Commonwealth Games in 2018 will put the Gold Coast on the international stage and we cannot afford for Labor to bungle it.


    “While Labor’s inexperience and incompetence continues to hold Queensland back, only the LNP can be trusted to deliver projects to create jobs and unleash our state’s true potential.”

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