Cairns Ambos forgotten for two years by do-nothing Labor

12 Jul 2017 1:53 PMJohn-Paul Langbroek

Labor’s last ditch promises for health services in Cairns are nothing more than pre-election vote grabs from a do-nothing Labor government trying to re-write history after two and half years of inactivity.

LNP Shadow Minister for Health John-Paul Langbroek said under Labor the Far North Queensland ambulance service has seen increases in violence against ambulance officers, a blow out in allowances and delays in response times.


"Labor has done nothing for Far North Queensland’s health services for two and a half years, which shows they only care about regional Queensland when their own jobs are on the line," Mr Langbroek said.


"Ambulance response times have blown out in the Cairns and Hinterland region under this do-nothing Labor government, which means patients are waiting for vital care while ambo’s struggle to respond.


"Every second counts in a life or death ‘code-one’ emergency, and we can’t afford to let response times blowout as they have under the Palaszczuk Labor government.


"Ramping has also returned to the Far North with almost 20 per cent of patients now languishing in the back of ambulances longer than 30 minutes.


"For every minute an ambulance is ramped at the local hospital, it’s one less minute they are on the road responding to critical incidents."


Mr Langbroek said Labor’s mismanagement of health services and ambulance officers in Queensland is akin to the Health Payroll Bungle, which saw health services deteriorate under Anna Bligh. 


"Under Labor government, millions of dollars have been spent paying for missed meal breaks for ambo’s, which could have been used on the delivery of vital services," he said


"More than 200 extra ambulance officers could have been employed with the $16.2 million spent on missed meals last year, while no questions were asked from Labor’s Health Minister Cameron Dick.


"Labor has also refused to back the LNP’s plans to introduce mandatory imprisonment for anyone who attacks our hard working ambulances officers.


"Not only is Labor bungling the Far North’s vital health services, they also refuse to ensure the safety of the frontline workers who are assaulted while they’re serving us.


"Only the LNP will provide safe and liveable communities by ensuring anyone who attacks our hardworking frontline ambulance officers goes to jail."


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