Clouds thicken over integrity of Palaszczuk Labor Government

29 Apr 2016 12:00 AMJohn-Paul Langbroek

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has again shown a complete lack of integrity and unashamed capacity for self-interest in making new appointments to the Magistrates Court today.


Deputy Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the Palaszczuk Government’s appointment of a former Labor party state candidate as a magistrate would disturb Queenslanders, coming just one week after voting changes were rammed through State Parliament with zero consultation.


“This is the second time in a week that Premier Palaszczuk’s integrity, and the performance of her Attorney-General has been placed under question,” Mr Langbroek said.


“Last week Yvette D’Ath played the starring role in the Palaszczuk Government’s underhanded play in Parliament to try to rig the next state election in Labor’s favour.


“This week, with the sign off of her Premier, Ms D’Ath has appointed a former Labor candidate from the last state election to the bench - while at the same time refusing to consult as promised on a new protocol for judicial appointments.


“While Premier Palaszczuk, Deputy Premier Jackie Trad and Stirling Hinchliffe fight to claim credit for last week’s appalling snub of Queensland voters, it was Yvette D’Ath who presented the rort to the Parliament.


“Queenslanders are beginning to see the true colours of this State Labor Government and that they are clearly not the honest, consultative mob they made out to be when they were elected.”


Mr Langbroek renewed calls for Premier Palaszczuk to give Queenslanders the right to have their say over her sneaky voting changes, by referring compulsory preferential voting to a Parliamentary Committee before the laws are proclaimed.


“We know that Queenslanders are eminently capable of filling out all the boxes at the ballot box, but we also know many people won’t like being forced to vote for candidates or parties that they don’t support,” he said.


“Yet again the Premier has made another decision in defiance of Fitzgerald principles, just 14 months after signing a declaration saying she’d uphold every single one of them.


“Today her Attorney-General shamelessly gives a former Labor candidate a plum legal gig on a salary of


“How will Premier Palaszczuk and her ruthless Cabinet deceive Queenslanders next?”


Key facts:

  • Qld Attorney-General appoints 2015 Labor candidate for Moggill, Louisa Pink as a magistrate.

  • Labor refusing to give Queenslanders a say over compulsory preferential voting.

  • Sign the petition and tell Premier Palaszczuk ‘My Voice Matters’ at:

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