Forensic Mental Health system broken under Labor

7 May 2017 12:00 AMJohn-Paul Langbroek

Unlawful appointments, claims of nepotism, thousands of client cases under a cloud and secret releases of people who have killed back into the community, are symptoms of a mental health system in crisis under this do-nothing Palaszczuk Labor Government.

In recent months we have seen a string of catastrophes engulfing the mental health system that is supposed to keep the community safe, whilst treating those people with a mental illness or are deemed unfit to stand trial after committing serious crimes such as murder.


LNP Shadow for Health John-Paul Langbroek said Queenslanders have lost confidence in the mental health system and in particular the Mental Health Review Tribunal.


"Cameron Dick would rather protect the secretive mental health tribunal process at the expense of families who have lost loved ones at the hands of patients released by the tribunal," Mr Langbroek said.


"Families across Queensland were left in the dark earlier this year over revelations of a dodgy appointment to the Tribunal that the Minister knew back in late 2016.

"Recently we saw the President of the Tribunal sacked on the back of revelations a mentally-ill killer was smuggling contraband into a mental health centre, which went unreported because of concerns it could jeopardise his discharge.


"The latest annual report of the director for Mental Health for 2015/16 is still being kept secret by Labor’s Cameron Dick.


"The tribunal conducts its business in a secretive manner and this is why the LNP can no longer support a system in such dangerous disarray.

Mr Langbroek said it is simply unacceptable and is putting the lives of innocent Queenslanders at risk.


"Uurgent steps are needed to get the mental health system back under control and restore confidence in the forensic process," Mr Langbroek said.



"There is a mental health crisis occurring on Labor’s watch but they are yet to take action and look after those most in need.

"We need a Mental Health Court and Tribunal that is open and accountable to all Queenslanders.


"We need to lift the veil of secrecy on the Mental Health Review Tribunal and give victims and their families a true voice in the process.


"I know that the Queensland Homicide Victim Support Group deals with families who have been traumatized by this secretive forensic mental health system and left asking where is the justice in it all.


"Our mental health system needs to be finely balanced between treatment and support and with the protection of victims, their families and the safety of the community – something that is clearly not the case under this Labor Government."


Between June 30 2014 and April 2017 152 people on involuntary treatment orders had their order ended due to a forensic order being made (That is they committed a serious criminal offence)


In the same period the Mental Health Review Tribunal revoked 19 forensic orders made by the Mental Health Court within 12 months of the original order being made.

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