Gold Coast gets breadcrumbs in Labor’s ‘Tax and Spend’ Budget

13 Jun 2018 12:00 AMJohn-Paul Langbroek

LNP Member for Surfers Paradise John-Paul Langbroek has labelled Labor’s State Budget as a ‘rip off’ after it was revealed that the Labor State Government will slug Queenslanders with five new taxes and four new fees and charges.

 “With five new taxes and more fees and charges on the cards, we haven’t seen anything in Labor’s Budget to justify this increase in the cost of living on the Gold Coast,” Mr Langbroek said.

Mr Langbroek said he was disappointed that the Labor Government failed to provide a long term fix for the growing pains the Gold Coast is experiencing.

“The Gold Coast Bulletin’s ‘Golden Age’ Campaign showed there’s tremendous public support for fixing our transport woes,” he said.

 “It’s disappointing to see that Labor has failed to match the LNP’s $100 million commitment to fix dangerous M1 Exits like 41, 45, 49 and 57.

“We also need to have a mature discussion about innovative ways to provide a long-term fix to our transport woes – whether it’s talking about a fast train or tunnels.

“We haven’t seen any such commitments in this Budget.”

Mr Langbroek said he was also backing his community’s calls for more police resources.

“Under Labor, Surfers Paradise Police numbers have been cut by a third, and as a result, residents have noticed that the police response hasn’t been as great as it once was,” he said.

“In the Regional Budget Papers, the words “Surfers Paradise” haven’t been mentioned once – I’ll continue to fight tooth and nail to get these police numbers restored at the very least.

“We’re also calling on the Police Minister to stop with the excuses and commit to employing more Water Police.

“The Police Minister can’t seriously tell me that cutting the force from 14 officers to just 12 officers is justified given that boat ownership has increased by 4,000 since 2012 and the number of incidents have also risen.

Mr Langbroek criticised the Brisbane Labor Government’s Budget, calling it ‘uninspiring’.

“The Gold Coast is on the cusp of an exciting new era,” Mr Langbroek said.

“We have hosted the Commonwealth Games and we’ve welcomed a new Destination Gold Coast CEO - now is the time to invest in the future of the Gold Coast.

“The best Labor could do was tout their ‘record health budget’ – which is disappointing because everyone knows that every health budget is a ‘record budget’ because funding is dependent on population growth and inflation.

“The LNP delivered the biggest growth in health budgets in 2013-14.

“Given that Labor is introducing five new taxes, four new fees, and the interest on Queensland’s debt now projected to cost $7000 a minute, the Gold Coast is getting breadcrumbs.”

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