Labor’s Health Minister exposed as king of cover-up

13 Jun 2017 12:35 PMJohn-Paul Langbroek

On at least five occasions in as many months the Labor king of cover-up Health Minister Cameron Dick has been found by the Speaker of the Parliament to have failed to answer critical questions on notice.

LNP Shadow Minister for Health John-Paul Langbroek said last week the Health Minister was exposed for his chronic lying around health funding and now he has been exposed as covering up the facts on critical health issues in parliament.


"From operational budgets of Hospital and Health Services to health payroll over payments – the Minister was again today found to have withheld the information, only to have the speaker rule he must answer the question," Mr Langbroek said.


"Is it any wonder we have a health system that is on the brink of slipping back to the dark days of the Beattie-Bligh era with a Minister in charge more interested in spreading lies and cover-ups.


"The fact is ambulance ramping is at levels not seen since before 2012 when the LNP came to office.


"Patients are languishing for hours in emergency departments waiting for a bed in a hospital.


"We have a culture of cover-up and secrecy under Cameron Dick – whether its secret reports being buried or families being kept in the dark when treatments go wrong.


"Only the LNP will build a better health system for all Queenslanders."

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