Palaszczuk hiding public service statistics

8 Apr 2016 12:00 AMJohn-Paul Langbroek

Shadow Treasurer John-Paul Langbroek is calling on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to stop hiding the Public Service Commission’s latest workforce profile.


  • Premier’s office hiding public service workforce statistics
  • December quarter 2015 figures have still not released

  • Queensland public service up by almost 4,000 full-time positions in past six months under Labor

Mr Langbroek said Labor had been sitting on the release of the December quarter 2015 profile for months.


“It’s not good enough that in April of 2016 the Palaszczuk Labor Government still hasn’t released the  December quarter 2015 statistics,” Mr Langbroek said.


“We should be preparing for the release of the March quarter 2016 statistics, not having to chase after the December quarter results more than three months after the end of last year.


“At the beginning of the week the Public Service Commission said the release of these statistics was “imminent”, but we haven’t seen anything from Labor since.


“What does the Palaszczuk Labor Government have to hide?  Sitting on vital workforce statistics is completely at odds with the Premier’s promise to lead an open and accountable government.


“We already know that between the March and September quarters last year the size of the public service increased by almost 4,000 full-time positions.


“We are concerned that this will become an ongoing trend under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, considering public service numbers ballooned by around 60,000 people in just over ten years under the previous Bligh and Beattie Labor administrations.


“The LNP Opposition understands the need for a right-sized public service and that more positions are required as the population grows. The number of frontline teachers, nurses and police should increase, not the number of backroom bureaucrats.


“When the public service grows out of proportion it severely impacts the State Budget, considering employee expenses make up 40 per cent of total government expenses.”


Key facts:

  • The Public Service Commission releases quarterly workforce statistical updates.

  • The September quarter 2015 update showed that the public service had grown by 3,807 full-time equivalent positions in just six months.

  • Employee expenses make up approximately 40 per cent of government expenditure.


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